Renoir Avanza Designs, Develops and Implements ‘practical and real’ business solutions, that deliver a measurable ROI.  The principle driving our business solution is to create a sales push through retail that will increase the sell out, market share and volume of our clients products (or services) sales.  Through practical implementation we Challenge, Motivate & Reward retail front liners and retail owners within our clients’ sales & distribution channel, to push or advocate our clients’ product as priority.  This in turn drives sales, which we measure with our clients.  Packaged as a solution, which we call “Retail Brand Advocacy,” Renoir Avanza provides full service, through consultation and solution design, full implementation, field marketing execution, performance reporting and market insights.

Renoir Avanza’s reputation is built not only on its vast industry experience and expertise, but more so on very high levels of operational professionalism.  Our clients’ like to partner us, because in their words “Renoir Avanza has a simple and logical concept to drive sales, which when implemented well really works and is both sustainable and scalable!”

Renoir Avanza’s Industry recognised success stories include:


“Smart TRP Programme”

Longest running FMCG Trade Programme


“Hotlink Bagus”


“RM 88,888 Programme”


“Castrol MAGNATEC”


“Cari Cat, Cari Propan”


“Tahan Mega Lama”


“Toshiba Bagus”


“Ambi Pur Wangi”